Description of Program for Prospective Students

Studies leading to Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are available through the Interdisciplinary Oncology Program in the College for Interdisciplinary Studies.

The Interdisciplinary Oncology Program offers advanced study and research in a variety of fields relating to oncology. Those fields include: molecular and cellular biology, genetics, biophysics, bioinformatics, pharmaceutical sciences, radiological sciences, immunology, molecular pathology, sociobehavioural studies, epidemiology and health economics.

The goal of the Program is to provide graduate students from diverse backgrounds with an education in a number of disciplines relating to oncology, and to provide opportunities for intensive training in specialized aspects of oncology through thesis research.  
Something IOP offers to new students as of September 2013, is a $2500 travel award to be used on learning more about cancer and interdisciplinarity whether through conferences, seminars, courses or more!  An added bonus of being in the program!