Dr Angela Brooks-Wilson, PhD,  Professor, Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia; Professor, Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University

CO-PROGRAM DIRECTOR – Dr. Wan Lam, PhD, Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of British Columbia;

For both doctoral and master’s students, Supervisors must be Members of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies or have been approved by the appropriate bodies.

Aparicio, Sam click here Pathology and Lab Medicine  Cancer genomics, mouse genetic models, high throughput screens, and translational breast cancer research
Bally, Marcel click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Pharmacology, Drug Development, Drug carriers, Drug combinations, pre-clinical models
Baumbusch, Jennifer click here Nursing Health services, older adults, qualitative research, knowledge translation
Benard, Francois click here Medicine Cancer Imaging, Molecular Imaging, Positron Emission Tomography, Nuclear Medicine, Hormone and peptide receptor imaging
Bennewith, Kevin click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Role of tumour hypoxia (and the tumour microenvironment) in cancer therapy and in the development of tumour metastases.
Bortorff, Joan click here Nursing (Okanagan) Health promotion, cancer prevention, tobacco reduction, psychosocial oncology
Brooks-Wilson, Angela click here Medical Genetics Cancer genetics, genetic epidemiology, lymphoma aging
Brown, Carolyn click here Medical Genetics Human X Chromosome Inactivation
Burgess, Michael click here Applied Ethics Ethics, policy, genomics, public engagement
Buttyan, Ralph click here Urologic Sciences Prostate Cancer,Stem Cells, Androgenic Steroids, Androgen Receptor, Developmental Cell Signaling (Hedgehog, Wnt, Notch, BMP)
Campbell, Kristin click here Physical Therapy Cancer prevention, rehabilitation, survivorship, exercise physiology, physical activity
Cox, Michael click here Urological Sciences
Daugaard, Mads click here Medicine Molecular cancer biology, cell stress signalling, DNA damage/repair, cancer glycome, functional genomics
Davison, Joyce click here Surgery Treatment decision making; prostate cancer; information decision support interventions
Dedhar, Shoukat click here Biochemistry and Molecular Tumor hypoxia, Integrin, ILK signaling, Metastasis and EMT
Dong, Xuesen click here Urologic Sciences Nuclear receptor, coregulator, alternative RNA splicing, prostate/breast cancer
Duronio, Vincent click here Medicine Cancers, inflammation and atherosclerosis
Eaves, Connie click here Medical Genetics Stem cells, breast cancer, leukemia, animal models, hematopoiesis
Garnis, Cathie click here Surgery Head and neck cancer, microRNA, dysplasia, methylation, progression biomarkers
Gelmon, Karen click here Medical Oncology Breast Cancer, Investigational New Drugs, Clinical Trials
Gleave, Martin click here Surgery Prostate cancer, Uro-oncology, Clinical trials Targeted anti-cancer agents
Gotay, Carolyn click here Population and Public Health Behavioural interventions, cancer prevention, cancer screening, risk assessment, community research. Not currently accepting new students.
Guns, Emma click here Urological Sciences
Helgason, Cheryl click here Surgery Epigenetics; lncRNA; Prostate cancer
Hieter, Phil click here Medical Genetics Chromosome biology; Mitosis; Aneuploidy;Cancer therapy,Model organisms and disease
Hirst, Martin click here Microbiology and Immunology Epigenetics in cancer, therapeutic potential of interventions directed at epigentic processes
Holt, Rob click here Medical Genetics Immunogentics, metagenomics, neurobiology, synthetic biology, DNA sequencing
Howard, A. Fuchsia click here Nursing Cancer care, health service needs of cancer survivors, hereditary cancer prevention
Humphries, Keith click here Medicine/Hematology Hematopoietic stem cells, Leukemogenesis Transcription factors
Hunstman, David click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Ovarian cancer research, predictive and prognostic biomarkers, genomics
Jia, Willaim click here Surgery Oncolytic virotherapy, brain tumor, prostate cancer, siRNA/miRNA
Jiang, Xiaoyan click here Medical Genetics Gene regulation, leukemic stem cell biology, signal transduction, proteomics
Jones, Steven click here Medical Genetics Bioinformatics, Cancer Genomics, Epigenomics
Karsan, Aly click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Myelodysplastic syndromes, leukemia, innate immune signaling, microRNAs and Genomics
Kitts, David click here Agricultural Sciences
Knowling, Meg click here Oncology/Hematology
Lam, Stephen click here Respiratory Medicine Lung cancer, early detection, chemoprevention, biomarkers
Lam, Wan click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Cancer genomics, Lung cancer, Early detection, Cancer imaging, Cancer genetics
Lee, Tim click here Population and Public Health Medical Image analysis, Computer-aided Diagnosis, Skin Cancer, Biomedical Engineering, and Cancer Epidemiology
Lin, Kuo-Shyan click here Radiology Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry, Radiotracer Development, Cancer Imaging, Molecular Imaging, Positron Emission Tomography
Lockwood, Wil click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Lung cancer, genomics, drug discovery, mouse models, oncogene signalling
Lovato, Chris click here Population and Public Health Primary cancer prevention, community based programming, program evaluation
Marra, Marco click here Medical Genetics Genomics, genetics, epigenomics, bioinformatics, cancer biology
MacAulay, Calum click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Biomedical Optics, Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Quantitative Pathology
McBride, Mary click here Pediactrics Cancer survivorship, Health services, Childhood cancer
McKenzie, Don click here Family Practice
McNagny, Kelly click here Medical Genetics
Minchinton, Andrew click here Pathology and Lab Medicine DNA repair, hypoxia, tumour microenvironment,extravascular distribution
Moerman, Donald click here C.elegans Knockout Facility
Nelson, Brad click here Medical Genetics Immune response to cancer, immunotherapy
Ng, Sylvia click here Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nielsen, Torsten click here Pathology & Lab Medicine Sarcomas, breast cancer, biomarkers, clinical trials, pathology, expression profiling, molecular oncology
Olson, Robert click here Radiation Oncology Oncology, Health Services Research, Rural Cancer Care, Patient Reported Outcomes, Radiotherapy
Ong, Christopher click here Medicine
Peacock, Stuart click here Population and Public Health Health Economics, Health Policy, Health Services Research, Ethics
Renouf, Daniel click here Medical Oncology Pancreatic Cancer; Developmental Therapeutics; Clinical Trials; Genomics; Biomarkers
Rennie, Paul click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Prostate cancer, androgen receptors, virotherapy
Rogers, Paul click here Oncology/Hematology
Rosin, Miriam click here Pathology Oral Cancer, Prevention, Prognostic Markers, Biomarkers, Knowledge Transfer
Roskelley, Cal click here Anatomy
Sadar, Marianne click here Pathology
Schaeffer, David click here Pathology Lab Medicine Pancreatic cancer, Early cancer detection, Cancer pathology, Biomarker development, Cancer metastasis
Schaffer, Paul click here Medicine Technologies such as positron emission topography; computational tomography (PET/CT)
Schultz, Kirk click here Pediatrics Leukemia, Tumor immunology, Transplantation immunology, Clinical trials
Sorensen, Poul click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Childhood cancer, molecular genetics, tyrosine kinases, protein degradation
Steidl, Christian click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Lymphoma, Microenvironment, Genomics, Pathobiology
Stirling, Peter click here Medical Genetics Functional genomics, molecular biology and model organism genetics to study fundamental mechanisms of genome maintenance and stability
Tai, Isabella click here Medicine Gastrointestinal cancers, genomics, drug and biomarker discovery, mechanisms of disease
Takei, Fumio click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Innate lymphocytes, type 2 immunity, cytokines, allergic lung inflammation
Thorne, Sally click here Nursing Psychosocial cancer care; communication; qualitative methodologies
Wang, Yuzhuo click here Surgery Patient derived cancer tissue xenograft models, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, metastasis
Weng, Andrew click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Notch signaling, Leukemia/Lymphoma, Cancer stem cells
Xu, Zhaoming click here Agricultural Sciences Apoptosis, breast cancer, calcium, and zinc
Yapp, Donald click here Pharmaceutical Sciences Imaging; patient derived xenografts; drug delivery
Zeng, Haishan click here Pathology and Lab Medicine Biomedical Optics, Early Cancer Detection, Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy, Bionanophotonics
Zoubeidi, Amina click here Urologic Sciences Prostate cancer, androgen receptors and signaling pathways, drug resistance and drug therapy

Brooks-Wilson, Angela click here IOGS Cancer genetics, genetic epidemiology, lymphoma aging
Gorski, Sharon click here IOGS Autophagy, apoptosis, treatment resistance, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer
Morin, Ryan click here IOGS Cancer research, genomics, sequence analysis, biomarker discovery, software development
Rosin, Miriam click here IOGS Oral Cancer, Prevention, Prognostic Markers, Biomarkers, Knowledge Transfer

EMERITUS MEMBERS - No longer taking students
BAJDIK, CHRIS Supervisor Population and Public Health
COLDMAN, ANDY Supervisor Population and Public Health
CONNORS, JOSEPH Supervisor Medicine
DURAND, RALPH Past Director of IOP 2003-2007 Pathology and Lab Medicine
GASCOYNE, RANDY Supervisor Pathology
GOLDENBERG, LARRY Supervisor Surgery
HOGGE, DONNA Supervisor Medicine/Hematology
KAY, ROBERT Supervisor Medical Genetics
LING, VICTOR Past Director of IOP 2007-2012 Medicine
MAGER, DIXIE Supervisor Medical Genetics
MCDONALD, MICHAEL Supervisor Applied Ethics
OLIVE, PEGGY Supervisor Pathology and Lab Medicine
Shah, Amil Supervisor Medical Oncology